New Construction

Kent Companies provides engineering and installation services for new construction foundations. Helical piers offer several advantages for new construction applications:

  • Rapid and low-impact installation
  • Installed with readily-available equipment
  • Eliminates need for dewatering
  • Easily load tested
  • No soil spoils

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Walkways / Boardwalks

Pedestrian walkways and boardwalks present unique challenges because of waterfront location and sensitive environment. Kent Companies offers extensive experience in the design, installation and rehabilitation of boardwalks across the country.

Project Profiles

Foundation Repair – Helical Piles

Helical piles are practical, efficient and proven solution for settling foundations.  They are ideal for a complete range of challenging soil conditions including sand, clay and organic soil. Helical piles are advanced into the soil until the capacity of the helical pile exceeds the weight of the building.  Once the helical piles are installed, foundation brackets are attached to the footing of the building in order to transfer the weight of the building to the helical piles deep in the soil.  Once the work is completed the soil and sod is replaced and the repair is complete.

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Foundation Repair – Resistance Piers

Resistance piers are especially cost effective in soil conditions where dense or rocky soil conditions are present. Resistance piers utilize the skin friction of the soil in order to repair settling or broken foundations.   Foundation brackets are attached to the footing of the building. The resistance piers are installed by attaching hydraulic drive equipment to the bracket in order to push the pier sections into the soil.  As the piers are advanced into the soil and the hydraulic pressure is monitored until the skin friction developed exceeds the required capacity.

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Tension / Tieback – Helical Piles

Helical piles are ideal for tension applications.  Common construction applications include:

  • Sheet pile tiebacks from deep excavations
  • Retaining wall tiebacks
  • Guy wire tension anchors
  • Uplift resistance anchors for temporary or light structures
  • Bowing wall repair / straightening

The helical tiebacks are installed at a predetermined angle to be installed beyond the slip (failure) zone of the soil.  The hydraulic pressure is monitored during the installation process and the helical tiebacks are installed until the capacity of the tiebacks exceeds the required tension loads.

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Soil Nails / Underpinning

Does your construction project require a new foundation to be installed next to or at a lower elevation of an existing foundation? This application requires the soil beneath the existing structure to be retained.  The traditional solution is costly and time consuming (i.e. Using shoring and underpinning designs with concrete curtain walls that retains the soil beneath the existing foundation).

Kent Companies’ expertise in Soil Nails for underpinning is an efficient and effective solution. We install helical soil nails and shotcrete in horizontal lifts. This allows for the soil retention wall to be installed safely in a fraction of time than the traditional method.  As each lift is completed, the soil is secure and the next lift is excavated and prepared for soil nails and shotcrete.

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